Saturday, August 18, 2007

Waupaca Race Day

I love the Waupaca Tri. It's a small town that doubles it's size for the race. The lake is right in town where you swim. The bike goes around the outside of town in a very rural farm area, and you finish the run in town among beautiful old houses that look like there out of a movie from the turn of the century, finishing in the park.

There were Just under 600 individual racers this year, and the conditions could not have been better. The morning was maybe 50 degrees at 5:30am. It really didn't feel any warmer come race start at 7:00. The Swim felt good this year. It looked much shorter than it did last year due to the amount of training we have been doing this year. It's amazing how mental tri racing is.

The bike was much improved this year. It has become my strong point, much to my surprise. There is always faster and always more efficient. That is one of the great things about tris. I think there were two dozen racers over forty and fifty that finished in front of us.

Here is my new "race" hair cut. If it doesn't look good, it feels great. The run was good but could have been better. I had herd in conversation that you should never take more than one "goo" energy packs during a "sprint" tri because you don't need it, but I thought it would give me a faster run. WRONG! I took a second "goo" at the end of the bike and for the first mile and a half of the three point two mile run I was challenged to keep it from coming back out of my body the way it came in. It is very difficult to maintain pace and your breathing when your body is trying to eject something from it's stomach. I was able to settle it down and just before the second mile I started to get my legs under me and was able to pick up the pace. By mile three I had a great clip going and the last point two I was at a full out run. Very pleased but frustrated from the "goo" blunder. Lessons learned!

I will have more pictures form other cameras later. Here are my comparisons from the 06' race and this years. Training matters!

153rd overall...17:16mn swim...63:23 bike w/18.9mph average...24:47 run w/8:00min mile
Total time of 1:49:37

68th overall.....15:15mn swim...55:15 bike w/21.7mph average...23:19 run w/7:31 min mile
Total time of 1:37:45

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pre Waupaca Tri

I'm not even sure where to begin this blog because so much has been happening since we got home from Canada. To sum up training from last Sunday. Brad, John and I meet coach down at lake Nicomas 6:30am for a warm up swim. We discussed many things then we focused on a "brick" training. It is combining two events as if it were race day. Bike 15 miles, then run 3. I got a flat rear tire around mile 10 and ducked out of the rest of the bike and finished with the run. We all pushed hard and learned many things from the hard training. It is very clear that to be able to finish the Disney tri we must push ourselves to new limits so our bodies can handle the 4 hour race day come September 23. So many times that theory has proved it's self true in my life. In order for you do endure something you must experience a major challenge at some point. How else could you weather a bad storm without previous experience. How will you react when everything dose not go according to your plan, or your liking. More and more I see the wisdom in our coaches words. Even in the frustration and pain she allows no negativity. "You can do this," "This is your race," "This is your hill." You can choose to like it, even when you want to quit, you can choose not to. You have the ability to endure. You will benefit from all the hard work, all the heart ache. It is all worth it. This training and race is nothing compared to the real life challenges we must endure. Anyone can finish this race, but will you choose to handle the challenges of life. Could I handle cancer? I wouldn't have thought I would have handled loosing Adam like this, but I must. It is my choice, God has given me the ability and the experience. I must make the most of my loss. That is why it is so important to me to support others dealing with similar things. I really enjoy Team in Training because these kids can make it. We are giving them hope and encouragement to endure the treatments because the research is paying off. Peoples lives are being saved. That gives me reason to push, to do more.

Friday we will leave at noon and head for Waupaca Wisconsin for the annual Tri. It is a "sprint" A half mile swim, 15 mile bike, and a 3.2 mile run. This is where I got the "tri bug" three years ago. Clark's uncle has been doing this for years and I have been inspired by him to do more each year. I am very excited to race this year because it is the first time I have really trained for it. I know the course. I know my abilities, and I am ready to have a great race. Coaches new phrase she left us with is to "leave it all on the course." Don't cross the finish line and feel like you could have pushed harder. Be smart, race to your abilities and push to the finish line. Have nothing left. John, Brad, Clark, Steve and I will finish strong. I am getting so excited. Then we start to really get serious about Disney. It is over double this race and we will really have to stretch ourselves to excel in that race.

I'll post with the race results come Saturday night or Sunday.

God bless!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Revisiting Canada

Here are more pictures from our Canada Trip

Pa Pa Victor feeding Bijou
Cousin Lizzy Queen of the Garden

Bijou and Dad's circus act

Uncle Albert and Betty Ann on the farm

Victor and Janet

Pa Pa Victor with Bijou and Nevaeh

Friday, August 10, 2007

Ready set GO!

I have been wanting to post an up date every night since the last, but no such luck. I wish I had some more pictures to post but it will have to wait. I have not had a chance to download them yet.
So just a quick post to get up to speed. So much has been happening lately it all most feels a bit uncomfortable. I trust it's just a season and well get through it.

The end of the Canada trip was great. I was able to golf for the first time up there at a beautiful course. The way things are going it will probably be my only outing. Sunday we went to the farm in Haford Sask. where Janet's dad grew up. It is always a blast to visit that side of the family at the farm. It is always a highlight at the farm and this trip was no different. Mom, dad and I packed up Monday morning and meet Victor for breakfast one last time, then hit the road. It is always good to see family. We certainly do not see them enough ( that's a hint for them to come down and visit!)

As you may have guessed I haven't had a spare moment for myself yet. Nor my wife, or Bijou. All the things always seem to happen at once and August must be my month. The positives are work is really busy. That's better then the latter. Team in Training is fantastic. I have received so much encouragement in letters and donations that I have committed to doing another race. I will have much more information about it soon. The race is a century ride on the bike. It is basically one length of the Tour de France, I think 112-116 miles. It is called the Tour de Tuscon. It is November 19, and I am very excited and thankful to all those who have been so generous in your support, that has allowed me to continue. Thank you letters will be coming out soon.

I have "crack pot" dreams of finishing the century bike ride in November and rolling right into training for the Rock in Roll Marathon in Phoenix come January. Let me know what you think. If you haven't received a letter from me yet, leave me your address in the comment box and I will be sure to send you the details in my next letter. It should be going out next week.

Man's rise or fall, success or failure, happiness or unhappiness depends on his attitude...a man's attitude will create the situation he imagines. - James Lane Allen

More pictures on the next post I promise.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Beach Day and More!

Here are some fun pictures from Canada trip 07'

Pa Pa Victor with Bijou

Auntie Jennifer with Bijou

Bath time with cousin Nevaeh

Squeekey Clean!

Watching rodeo barrel races at the PA fair

Dust off the ole' "Fendelet Girls Rocket"

Pa Pa Victors backyard is full of fun!

Sun-bathing at Emma Lake beach.

First time in the lake

Mommy these waves are huge!

More to come!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Mom, dad and I loaded up the car Tuesday morn' and hit the road at 5:30 am. Destination Prince Albert, Sask. Canada. Just shy of one thousand miles later we arrived at approx, 9:00pm. It was smooth sailing until a large hail (just past Yorkton Sk) storm brought us to the shoulder along with all the other traffic. We sat for about five minuets and prayed that the windshield didn't break. It was really that bad. I have see large hail but not for five straight minuets. Needless to say the van has some more character to it.

I was so excited to see my little girl, and my big girl too, of course. Just as I imagined she was bigger and was doing more new stuff. At the rate she is going she might be walking by nine months. Scary!

Bijou decided to wake up early at 6:30 am so I decided to load her up in the stroller and we went off to find Janet's dad Victor at his usual morning coffee spot, A&W. Right as rain, he was there. After Bijou and I split some toast we headed back and I re-assembled my bike. Of course I had to take it for a spin to make sure it all worked so I went around the entire perimeter of the city. I pulled back into the garage forty-five minuets later and about 15 miles logged. I wanted to go more but my knees still felt a bit stiff from the long drive yesterday so we took it easy.

The PA fair is going on right now so we all meet there and had fun doing all the things you do at a fair. From there we went to help Janet's mom Bernice, with her lunch/dinner. She has not been willing to eat her food as of late. Janet has found some success feeding her so we helped as much as we could and tried to get her better situated. If you are someone who is in favor of government controlled health care, I would invite you to come up and experience the hospital here. I will just say that it is not exactly what we are used to. It's not horrible unless your the one in the bed waiting for weeks for a doctor to see you and nobody knows when there going to have the time to come around. And that's just the tip of the ice berg. Anyways, it was good to be there for her and do whatever we could. It was very hard to see. The only info we could get out of the temporary doctor is that one of the tests showed that Bernice has a form of leukemia called CML, he was unable to explain very much of it except to say that it would take up to three more months of testing just to be sure. It is a difficult situation and I am so thankful that God has given Janet so much strength to be patient and caring both with her mom and the doctors and nurses.

Thank you for your continued prayers!