Saturday, December 29, 2007

Good Tidings of Great Joy!

What a beautiful Christmas 07 was. Not too cold and beautiful white blankets of snow. I remember when Adam and I were young, it would have been non stop madness in the snow. Sledding, snowmobiling, forts, jumping off the roof or just laying there in the snow and catching snowflakes on your tong. A winter with snow brings back wonderful memories of non stop action.

This year brought the same non stop action, just a different variety. Daily work for Janet and I, then it was run training for me. Janet shopping every chance she could get. At night, relaxing and playing with the babe. Both of us helping mom and dad at the store as much as we could. The year at the store was a good one. Snow is not a good recipe for great sales, but they had a good season non the less.

Christmas Eve was celebrated back at Mary and Bills this year. It was a fantastic relaxing night, with great food, fun conversation and 0f course the presents. Over the past year Bill (artist bill) worked on a drawing of Adam and I as cowboys. It is the most touching, amaizing characture drawing I have ever seen. The flood of emotion was so amaizing I could barely even cry, it is so full of what we were. Thank you uncle Bill for your talents, you nailed it, what an amaizing gift. I can't wait for others to see your amaizing talent.

Christmas Day was a bit busy with the babe. It is our tradition to go to mom and dad's to do our family gifts in the morning. Eat mom's always delicious christmas brunch, then the boys head to the store for a few hours to get ready for the big 50% off sale. I know working on Christmas sounds bad, but it is our tradition, and there is literally no other time to do it. We had lots of extra helpers this year so we got much accomplished. Then back to mom and dad's for the mom's side of the family. My cousin Christopher (navy seal) and his wife Natalie were able to join us this year. It had been a long time. It was great conversation of course, we really enjoyed seeing them again. Food, conversation, christmas carols, and gift exchange. It was a great family christmas!

This year we had "good tiding of great joy" to announce. Our family will grow buy one! come the end of June. Janet is carrying another bundle of joy! It was epically fun to be able to share our news at Christmas with family and friends. We are so excited to be blessed with another little one. I am excited that Bijou's sister or brother will be close in age. So far Janet has been great. May be a little rougher than the first one but I think it helps to have all ready been through it.

My training is winding down. All my big runs are done. I am really getting excited to bring all my training to Phoenix and see how I do. I know my legs are ready for it. I have learned much through this training season. Run training is a much longer process. It really takes a lot of miles to get you legs in shape. I have been following a intermediate training schedule and am excited to see if I can keep a high tempo through the race.
Last Fri the 28, my buddy Sean Pease joined me for the Winter Waddle. It's a small 5k run around lake Calhoun. About 410 people raced this year and it was a blast. It was Sean's first 5k and he finished like a rock star. 37th overall. Finish time of 23:18 race pace of 7:30. I look forward to training and racing with Sean this summer. We have been competitive brothers since high school, and I can't wait to hit the "tri circuit" with him.
I myself had a good race. I was able to put together all the things I have learned over the past year from my TNT coaches and have had extensive training around Calhoun. I had fun and raced the best race I could have that night. I came in 9th overall, 3rd in my age class (30's) a finish time of 19:15, at a 6:12 mile pace. I though I would be a long shot to have a 6:30 pace, but I think everything came together and I was lucky to post a surprising time.
Just two more weeks of training for the big run!

If you wanted to have a big day of gaming, come to our house next weekend for the "Triathlon of Games." I need to raise another $500 to get to my fund raising goal for the marathon. So if you can make it, e-mail me back ( or just show up. It starts at noon, Sat the 5th. The entry fee for all day fun is $50. We will have a tournament in ping-pong, fooseball, and darts. To end the day it will be Texas hold-em. Cash prises will be awarded to the top finishers in each sport. The final hold-em pot will be big for 1st - 2nd and 3rd. I will have snacks and food, beer and pop. Bring something if you wish. If you can't make it and want to contribute to cancer research and family support go to

Thank you and God Bless.
Have a safe and happy New Year!

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Big Week!

This last weekend was a good finish to a tough week of training. After doing my first 20 mile run two weekends ago I realized that my legs took too long to recover. I have been skipping many of my short weekday training runs because of cross training for other events or work or any other variety of reasons. I realized that if I want strong legs for the full 26.2 miles of the race, I will need to religiously follow my schedule the rest of the way.

Last week that meant, 5 miles Tues. 7 miles Wed. and 6 miles Thurs. a day off Fri. and a team long run of 13 on Sat. I can honestly say that last week was the hardest training of the year so far. My legs took till Wed to loosen up from the previous Sunday's 20 miler. The temp was cold cold and colder, and one day I had to run in the dark with the snow, ice and traffic. I was determined not to short out the schedule. Marathon training is a long slow road to get your legs into shape. Patience is not something I am used to, but I really appreciate what I am learning. I know if I stick to the schedule, I will have the power I need to run my best race. Besides the fact that I don't want to end up with a pesky injury.

Today I got in my easy 5, because the broom ball season starts tonight. Tues is 7, Wed is 30 minuets of tempo running, and Thurs. is 8, culminating with the last 20 miler on Sat. the 22nd.

I am really glad that I have all this running right now, because I am really enjoying the food that comes around this time of the year.

In the past week my eyes have been opened to the amaizing works of God. This summer I have over focused on training and raising money for TNT. I am proud of my accomplishments and am passionate about why I am doing it. Yet, as life goes sometimes, when you get really focused on one thing, other things get ignored. That one thing in my life is my daily walk with God and the attention I have been giving Him. I have grown in many ways this past year personally, and have learned so many things about myself and been encourage buy countless others. I am thankful for every bit if it, yet when I take stock of it all, I know I have shorted my growth with my God my Saviour. The one that has made all this possible! I have seen Him work in people and situations all throughout the year all around me. It has been amaizing! Yet, I haven't slowed myself to listen to what He has to say to me. That should be a daily occurance for me, at worst, a weekly event called church. I am not for one second going to allow an ounce of disappointment downcast my spirit. Yet, I am going to pay attention, and start to make choices differently. I need to do what I should have been doing all along. I need to be lead and inspired by my creator God. He is the one that has given me the ability to do all these things. And he alone has brought all these people into my life to make it all possible. It is to Him be the glory. I am just a servant. I can do only so much. But with Him, "All things are possible."


Monday, December 10, 2007

Tis The Season

Tis the season to take stock of all you hold dear.

I can attest to the realities of life, at times they seem to catch you by surprise. I have counted it as a blessing that our family has been brushed with many of life's uncertain challenges as of late.
I have found that dealing with void of Adam's passing has brought both spectrum's of emotion. As with faith, I have experienced amaizing highs and incredible lows. Over all I claim the challenge that I will continue to be better and not bitter. The relationships that I have found and the amaizing trainings and races that I have experienced through "Team in Training" has been at the top of that list. Having the support to do three races in a row, and to have all most reached my goal of $12,000 for cancer research is exciting.

Another contrast to the high and low is that our "honored teammate" Mckenna, whom we were supporting for the Phoenix race, recently passed away at the tender age of 10. If you want to find amaizing perspective that can only be granted from God our Father, check out her site.
I have been very touched by her and her parents perspective, and am taking my time to process it all because it so difficult to see such a loss again so soon.

What a blessing life is! Even if is just for a day, a month, a year. We are so blessed to have experienced so much in such little time. Mckenna touched so many in just 10 years. Adam touch so many in just 32 years. What is too little, what is too much? There is no answer. I can honestly deduce that 10 years is certainly not enough in comparison, but seriously, every day is precious, 10 or 32. With all the perspective that I have seen in the past few years of my life, I feel a very serious call to make sure my daughter knows what is important. I remember when I was a young lad, thinking that a pair of jeans or shoes was life's biggest deal. I pray that God gives me the grace to teach heavenly perspective to my family.
Life is about others. Life is about service. Life is about honesty to yourself and others. Life is about serving. Life is about happiness! I wan
t so badly for my family to never be defined by the things we have or want, but by the things we do, and have done. I want to reflect the love, and grace, that has been given to us. There is a lot to give! The grace that God has given and the love and support that our family has received is amaizing, awe inspiring!

Training has become difficult as of late. Wi
nter has it's way of deflating all your energy with its cold and early darkness. I am finding it difficult to get out during the week to get in all the important short training runs. Instead I have just been making my group "long runs" on the weekend mornings. Last Sunday was my first 20 mile run ever and my legs do not like me much right now. I really didn't think I would enjoy it but I really did. The temp was just above zero but I ran with a great running partner Greg (a tnt mentor) who made the miles go by fast. I know that if I am diligent in my short weekly runs my legs will be able to handle the big miles much better. Race day is just four and a half weeks away. I am looking forward to running in Phoenix (jan 13) not here! I want to honor all the support that I have received to run this race, and complete the "triple crown." Most of all I want to run to honor the life of Mckenna and Adam. They are the reason I am running, and they deserve a my strongest efforts.

Here are some more pictures of life as it has been happening around here.

Our stinky little girl

Mommy and her Christmas Fairy

First fun hair wake up!
Good Morning

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

Just finished the Vegas half marathon. It was a prefect temp, 35- at race start and about 50 at the finish. We had a blast during the morning and had fireworks send us off at the race start. I ran solo through the race and had a lot on my mind. McKenna kept my pace for me as I tried to do my best. I was happy with a 1:31:10 finish. That was good for a surprising 101st place finish over all in the half marathon out of 8,400. It was a heavy race but very fun. I am very excited to continue my training for the full marathon.

Looking forward to enjoying the rest of the trip in Vegas.