Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Memories For Sale

I knew that some day it would happen. Life changes and we must all decide what to keep and what to sell. When the memory of someone is attached to something, it makes letting go all that much harder. Dad and I were sitting last weekend trying to remember just what year he bought our beloved boat. Neither of us could remember. I chuckled later when I was still trying to come up with it because I know that Adam would have remembered the year the day and probably what we had for dinner that night. Adam always had the gift of remembering details.
So the summer of 91(plus or minus a year) . Dad surprised Adam and I with a boat. It was shiny and FAST. There is nothing we didn't ski behind that boat. From skis to canoe paddles, chairs, our bear feet we did it all! So many summer days at Grandpa and grandmas cabin in Aitkin. Lake of the Woods. Camp. We had more fun behind that boat than anything. But the thing we enjoyed the most was teaching people how to ski for the first time. Adam epically. He would try to get you up until you gave up, or the sun went down.
The boat was Adams baby. No body put more time into the care of that boat than Adam. In 02 when he had his own garage. He decided to restore the floor and seats. That project lasted over the winter because he decided to have the transit redone and all the fiberglass in the belly under the floor. He rebuilt the entire boat! For good reason. We have driven a lot of boats in our day and I can honestly say that the "playmate" is the best handling boat we ever drove. They just don't make boats like that anymore.
I can't remember who was driving but one summer night at the cabin we were taking it out for one last cruise of the day with mom and we decided to take a full speed turn. Mom was sitting shot gun. Now with most boats when you turn, you loose momentum and slow down and corner pretty slow. Not the "playmate"! Back then, with three people, it would do about 50mph + and you didn't need to slow down for even the hardest turns. It could pull it and be right back up to full speed in no time flat. We forgot to tell mom to hold on for the turn, because she slid right off her seat in came to rest in the back corner of the boat. No harm done just great memories. One of the few times we ever heard dear mother use a descriptive four letter words to thank us :)
I could type pages of stories about this boat. It is a shame that we don't use it like we used to but life has a tendency of changing. There comes a time when it is best to let go and let more memories be made by someone new. It would be a shame for us to let it sit and rot and not let it get used. Adam put far too much work into it for us to let it sit.

It was tough taking it out of the water for the last time. Washing it was almost a sacred experience this time. I didn't wash it many times alone. My mind raced the past three nights as I prepped it for sale. Oh, the times we had. Oh, the care Adam gave to that boat. I pour over my emotions and as I graze over the many memories, I smile. Because as I reflect on memories had, I see the lives that are here. The future that God has blessed me with. Two beautiful children and my beautiful wife. The memories that we have all ready made and ones yet to be.
The page turns in the book of life and all we have left is the memories we hold dear. I choose to do it with joy. We were blessed! We are blessed!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Early Off Season!

This picture is from the Waupaca WI sprint tri Aug 16th.

Since then I have decided to go into a early off season.

That's my boy! Armand Andrew! He's a little smilin' talkin' machine.
He is sleeping great, just one feeding a night.

This is what daddy dose now that his tri training is done for the year. Before too long we will be starting marathon training up again.
Nothing beats time with the Family!