Saturday, December 20, 2008

Need a Ride?

Another Saturday morning with beautiful snow falling from the sky. Winter has been espically kind this year. If you like snow and cold. So before Janet went out to finish the last of Christmas shopping I slipped on my running warmies and headed into the falling snow for a morning run.
I would guess 2-3 inches were all ready on the ground and traffic was light over the slow rolling hills. As I got out of town I could hear a flock of geese up in the sky and slowly they came into view through the snow in the air. They circled over head and landed in a top the hill side where the horses were in pasture. What a treat!
As I ran today I pondered many things. A funny parallel occurred to me as I glided through the snow. It was about how running has become a filter to me. A time to find clarity and truth. It is so difficult to really clearly think with so many distractions in life. As the snow fell and silenced everything around me both visually and audibly I was able to more clearly able to get to the truth of the matters in my mind. Not just what I though and wanted to believe, rather what was right, moral and or right in the eyes of my Father God. I often times find that on my runs but it seems to come faster when there is snow.
Just about a mile in, up over the hill a Jeep slowed down and honked at me. He pulled along side of me and rolled down his window. "Need a ride? I would be glad to help you out," the portly man said with a look of worry on his face. I smiled at him and replied that all was well and that I was doing this for fun. He gave me a second look, with a bit of confusion on his face he asked, "REALLY?" I assured him again that I really love winter running. He said ok, rolled up his window and drove off. I don't think I'll ever forget that.
One of the reasons I love winter running besides the extra layer of peace, is because it is a bit harder. You need take even more focus off yourself and focus on what is in front of you or coming behind you. You have to slow a bit and be sure of your footing. You really have to dress well and sometimes you just have to bear it and choose to like it. Sound a lot like life doesn't it?
Endurance racing is not about race day. It is about all the days before race day. Today made most every race day I will ever have look easy. I enjoyed it because I chose to enjoy what was beautiful about it not what was obviously difficult about it. When they say the racing is 80% mental I think they are wrong, it's closer to 90%.
What do you want to do today? Do it with JOY!

Have a happy and Blessed Christmas not because it is the most beautiful time of year. Have a blessed Christmas because it marks the day that our Savior came to earth to walk among us, to fully love us and understand us and most of all to save us.
We are all so very blessed.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let it Snow

It has been a very productive past couple of months around here. Life continues to remind me that the less TV and Movies I watch the happier I am. We continue to get odds and ends done around the house and are getting ready to list the house for sale. We would rather never leave our home that we built but there are much more important things than our home. Money is tight and if our house sells we can get the equity out of it and get into another mortgage much cheaper. Our hope is for Janet to be at home with the kids. It would be fun to have money left over for important things like vacations and such too. Life is only going to get more expensive as we go. Our desire is to be good stewards of our money and that is not happening.

Training is back in gear now. I am running when I can and swimming once or twice a week. It has felt so good to be back training again. Sunday was my first winter run in the rain before it got crazy cold. It was good to do it because it will make all my other runs this winter feel easy. Today is Tues and I got out before Janet and the kids got home. It was zero degrees but little wind and the snow was falling. You can dress for the cold, but not the wind, and there is nothing better than running in a light snow. It is so peaceful and quiet. Traction is actually better and soft. My soul was satisfied with today's run, what a blessing. Now my only christmas wish is a bike trainer so I can be well rounded coming into the training season. I want to be able to work on speed and endurance this year and if I am in shape coming into it I will be able to do that.

The races that I will for sure be doing are: May 16- Maple Grove half marathon. June 7-the Buffalo Olympic Tri. June 27-pacific crest Oregon half iron(tnt). July 18-lifetime Olympic (tnt).
Aug 9-Green lake sprint.

We have been so blessed as a family with so much. We look forward to a great Christmas season with family and friends. Then our little girl Bijou turns 2 new years day. What a great time of year.

God bless and have a Blessed Christmas Season.