Sunday, January 18, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Sure we had to wait out a week of sub-zero temps but it is all worth while. If nothing else it makes 20 above zero feel comfortable. The past week has been great. Hanging out with the kiddies, getting things done around the house, this that and the lat. I have now committed myself to getting a loose run, bike (on my new trainer from christmas), swim or x-country ski. The variety has been great for getting back into the swing of things.
Today I was out at Elm Creek with a friend from last seasons team, Jim Sheldon. A great athlete with fantastic consistency and amaizing drive. This guy did six marathons last year! Jim is going to be signing up to do the Pacific Crest half-iron with us this year and I am excited to train with him another year.

The new season of TNT kicks off in less than three weeks and I am excited for the challenge of being a "Team Captain" this year. Excited to balance the schedule of putting my family first, training with the team, and getting my personal trainings in. My plan is to go to bed when the kids go down. Or shortly after anyways around 8pm. Getting up 4 or 5am ish and getting some work outs done before work once or twice a week. We will do what we can and not worry about the rest.

The kids have been a blast. Bijou has been singing songs with us now and can count with us, and do her ABC's by her self if you can get her going right. It is just so fun to see her creativity and imagination blossiming. Armand is growing by leaps and bounds. Now all most seven months, he is just starting to pre-crawl. It looks like the army crawl. And he has three more teeth to boast of. Five in total now, two down and three up. They are both amaizing blessing to our lives, smiling and laughing. Challanging at times but that is what it is all about. The big picture is beautiful. My prayer is that I may model Christ to them in my life, and honor Him, by guiding them into the beautiful little people he has designed them to be. They are so precious. What a gift. I have loved all the blessings and challanges that life has given me through the years, but it is such an amaizing gift to be called daddy. So much credit goes to my beautiful wife. What a strong hold for me. What an amaizing mommy.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Need to Race

It's official the new year is upon us. The food the fun the additional pounds happily gained. What a grand month. From hosting two family Christmas parties, New Years, Bijou's second birthday on New Years day. What a month. Now winter stares us down, severely entrenched with its cold and wonderful blanket of snow. I have wanted to get out on those cross country skies I bought years ago but they continue to collect dust in the garage.

As life has it's funny way, I have found a real need to race again. As you all know racing is a great outlet for me. I have found it to be that for many things in my life. In the beginning it was a great bridge to dealing with Adams death by doing something I love and raising money for cancer research and family support. Once again life has renewed its self with fresh challenges and thus a lack of comfortable sleep if any at all at times. As life goes at times these challenges are no fault of our own at times, and thus you have little to no control of them being over your head. Therefore I had a need today to get my mind re focused on the race season ahead. So the money is spent and the registrations are in. I now have a clear focus on things ahead and a great season starting in just seven weeks.

My season will start March 14 at the 100% Irish for a Day 5K & 10 Mile I did this race last year and loved it. It is a must for me again. It is a good motivation for early training on the cold days.

Next is a new one for me. Just needed something in the month of April so a found the inaugural Get in gear half marathon on April 25 they have a 5&10k too

Last year in May I did the inaugural Maple Grove half and is another must for me this year. May 16th They also have a 5k option so here is the link

The tri season starts with Buffalo June 7. last year I did this for the first time and loved it. They also offer a sprint distance and is a great one to do if you are a first timmer.

I may squeeze the new Trinona race in because of the hills but other than that the next one will be June 28 in Sunriver Oregon.
The big TNT half Iron! I am super excited about this one, all my other races up to this are a tune up. I am a team captin for this race and am encouraging some other crazies to join me on a life changing journey.

After that is the olimpic lifetime fittness tri (also with TNT) on July the 11th I really loved the specticle of this big city race with the pros and the crowds.

Then we gear up (or may be down) the season into the Green Lake Tri Aug. 9
Another great small town race with great friends to end the race season.

After that I look forward to family vacations and hopefully setteling into a different house. I'm sure many things will change around the race schedual but no matter what it will the greatest race season yet.