Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Winter Warm Up

I know most people think that winter still has its grip firmly around us. Coming from someone who has worked may days outside in the bitter cold days of December and January, these days feel like spring is right around the corner. This usually means that I would have been getting in great training miles in outside running with one less layer but the physical condition has been keeping us in check as of late.
For the past two and a half weeks Janet and I have been experiencing the effects of long term sinus pressure. Just the other day it started to loosen up for us thanks to the doctor prescribed meds. Like the un-wise person I can be, I did not want this to slow my training down, so I attempted to continue with my schedual. Not so smart. So, this last week we have done about a third of the perscribed workouts and it is now, all most, past and we will resume full trainig this week.
Training has been very solid this year. Learning alot as always and feeling much more solid at this time fo the season verses last season at this time.
During this time of "rest" I have enjoyed more play time with the kiddies and done some more reading of a book I started called "The Shack." I highly recomend it!

Armand is just 8 months now and a speedy fast crawler. Pulling himslef up standing, smiling and laughing as always. He just started his Cheeroes diet and is not at all a pickey eater, just like his sister. Bijou continues to eat most everything you put in front of her. She is such a little social angel. She will actually introduce herslef by name now but you have to be able to hear a whisper to hear her. Still a bit shy. Hair now to the middle of her back and brightenes every room she is in.
What a blessing parenting has been. Often I watch them play and wish I could make time stop so I will always remember this percious age. Each moment you are in, good or bad, is a great moment to remember. It is either a time to learn and be grateful, or a time to feel blessed and be grateful. The choice is to be still and know you are belssed and loved no matter what.
Make the most of today, it is the only one we will ever have.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentines

This Valentines was a special one this year. Not at all what anyone would expect as typical Valentines fanfare, but better in it's own special way.
There were lots of flowers involved but none from Janet or I. There were cards involved but none exchanged between Janet and I. Honestly there was no big heart warming, romantic day between my love and I.
It was filled with unexpected blessing that only God himself could deliver. In the hustle and bustle of the weekend. One in which Janet and I were suffering intense sinus infection headaches (all week). The first blessing came in the form of a side job for me. Seriously bad timing but seriously needed to help cover the six medical bills we have been trying to pay off. The other Valentines miracle was that my parents went out and had there own V-Day dinner all to them selves. Way to go dad!
Valentines is extra special in our family because it's Jayna's birthday. Twenty-two this year. That just means that we all just that much older! She wanted to have some friends over to our house for her special day. We had a great time with her fun friends. A fun filled, long night full of games and laughter.
But Sunday was the greatest day. Sunday we shared a service with Erin, Adison, sister Amy and her two kids, Derby and Stella. The kids all had a great time in there sunday school rooms and us adults were treaded to one of the most moving, inspiring sermons I have ever been a part of. There were so many wonderful thing at work there. We serve an amaizing God. I have had the line from some worship song stuck in my head ever since. "my saviour...he can move the mountians, my God is worthy to praise!"
That will be a Valentines weekend to remember. Nothing like you woud expect. But often times God will to that to you.

So Blessed.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


The new year has been full of many personal challenges. I am so thankful for my amaizing wife and our strong family and friends that encourage us to live every day to find the good. I am so thankful for the challenge that was given to me when Adam passed, to be better and not bitter. That echoes through my life daily. I know that I can not make it on my own.

We have not made it to church(open door) much this winter, yet every time we do we have been so blessed by the amaizing worship and messages. Two Sundays ago pastor gave a talk on the concept of how we treat each other. His focus went in a different direction. He got to the core of the matter, who we are. Each one of us is His beloved. He is so proud to call us His. Do we look at our selves as such. Do we treat each other as such. If the people around you are the treasure of God, do you see it? Do I see it? It has stuck with me like gum on my shoe.

The TNT season has kicked off and I am super excited for our first team training this Wed. I have been able to get my self into good shape coming into this season, so I have high exceptions for myself this year. Being two years in now I think I can really ramp things up in my races personally. I am more excited to help guide my TNT teammates to doing their best. This years team is full of returning alumni and it is going to be a blast learning from one another.

Life at home has been full of fun firsts. Bijou is learning so fast, good things, challenging things, lots of things. Parenting is just getting fun! Two is what they said it would be. What a blessing to be entrusted with guiding her ever blossoming world.
Armand is hitting a serious growing streak. Eating and sleeping like mad. Every time we gets up he is stronger. Crawling and sitting up on his own now. Seven teeth now and more on the horizon. A happy, happy little boy. Sister chooses her time to play with him, but when she dose he lights up and laughs so much. He even laughs when she is on his back or tummy jumping up and down as if he was a bucking bronco. Except he is just laying there laughing! Yep, we gotta keep a close eye on those two.

One of the most special things this winter, was getting Adams old three wheeler going with the help of Ryan Theunissen. Being able to get Bijou out there around the yard and over the river was such a great connection to the past. I know that Adam was proud that it is in use again.