Saturday, March 28, 2009

Miserable : )

The majority of training lately has been in less than perfect weather. Cold wet, windy, some peeks of sun but not the norm as of the last two weeks. Before one of my runs I thought that the weather was down right miserable for a run, who would run in this kind of stuff. You guessed it. I gladly run in all most everything. Miserable trainings are the benchmarks that make great weather, even average weather seem down right perfect. If you choose to find a way to like the miserable stuff that makes everything else wonderful!
I like to think about those that don't have the opportunity to do such things. Those that don't have the ability to run, or those that are sitting in a hospital somewhere wishing they could be anywhere else. Then the weather becomes a blessing.
I had the pleasure of being on a swim relay team with Eric our honored team mate this week. What an inspiration that little man is. If all goes well he is on his way to consider himself cancer free soon. Because of the efforts of what we are doing so many more kids get to say they are cancer free and that makes everything I do worth while.
Eric reminds me so much of Adam when he was 13. Tall skinny bean, glasses and sharp and kind as can be. A real go getter, not afraid of anything. I remember how excited he was last year when he was looking forward to his last spinal tap treatment. Watch a kid get excited about a spinal tap and your worries seem to lessen a bit quickly.
You never know the importance of something until it hits home most of the time. That is how I feel about TNT. Not a perfect organization like all the rest but what they are doing is so important. Life saving important.
I am thankful for the good fortune that we have had with our kids thus far and will continue to fight for the families that are fighting for the very lives of their own children. TNT is so much more that a great training and racing experience.

By the way my fundraising is, as you can expect, a challenge this year. I need to have two thousand raised by April 30 to commit to my races and have $1800 to go. So if you are in a position to support what I am doing with any size donation, consider looking at my fundraising web site.

This years training has been top notch so far. The base building stage is mostly complete and am looking to bring things to another level of performance in the next two months.
I recently did a four way trade/swap for a new Triathlon bike. I gave up the Buell motorcycle that I bought new in 98. I still cant believe that I traded my baby for a petal bike. This is not ordinary petal bike that is for sure. And the motorcycle was litterly rotting in my garage so better to see it get used. It now belongs to my coach Bob now and so I am excited to see him race it. The new Tri bike gets here Tuesday and I am more that just a bit excited about it.

We are meeting with a relitor friend of ours soon to get the house on the market. A crazy big step for us but we are confident that it is the right finicial move for us to move on and build equity in something else. I don't know how I will feel when the actual for sale sign goes up in the yard, probably sick. Like I said it is best.

Doing what is right is not always easy.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Season Opener

Race one is now behind us. Last year I ran in the "100% Irish for a day" race. It was a 10 mile race, two laps around Lake Harriet and one around Calhoun. I loved it and had to do it again this year. My training has been great this season thus far. Very balanced, I would say that I am at least a month a head of last season at this point and less weight to loose coming in.
My goal this season is to improve my bike portion of my triathlon races and keep if not increase the swim and run.
I have signed up for one race a month though July, the first three being running races. Last Saturday was #1!
This year I felt I was in better shape so my goal was to stay injury free and to push hard to see where I am at right now. I came in right where I wanted to be with a 6:47 min mile @ 1:07:43 finish. I was hoping for anything less than last years 6:58. So I was delighted about that. I did however work much harder than I expected. I was exhausted for the last three miles of the race. My sleep and nutrition was great the two days coming into the race and race day was great. No problems at all. I am so excited to have the first one done!

We had a mini vacation last week with mom, dad, Erin and Adison, up at Breezy Point Resort. A wonderful relaxing time if that's possible with three little ones entertaining us. We spent a lot of time every day in the pool, reading and playing games. We came home in a blizzard and now this week it is in the 50's and 60's. What a perfect way to say good by to winter....I hope!

Work is a bit slow, but it is allowing me to keep up with things around here. Bijou continues to be our little sweet heart. We have entered the copy cat stage, what a riot. Armand is becoming pretty durable now so they have been playing together much more. That little guy is all ready standing up on everything and soon will be walking along everything. Armand is like his sister with teeth, eight in eight months and more soon to come. He is going to be a hand full when he gets to walking. All ready non stop, getting into everything he can reach.

Church continues to be a blessing. The kids love their child care rooms and the people we meet have been so genuine. Not what we expected from such a big church.

Spring is officially here this Saturday and after this winter we sure deserve some good weather!

What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.