Sunday, April 26, 2009

Action Packed

What a blessing it is to have things to do. This weekend certainly had no shortage of that. I had my first half marathon of the season at the Get in Gear half. Great weather and a well run race for the first of the year. As that was happening Janet had planned to get the house ready for our first open house Sat. afternoon at 2. Instead she ended up at urgent care with Armand. That turned out to be the thankful but frustrating brocitias "just let us know if it lasts more than one more week." Good but frustrating.
So we both got home with less than two hours to clean the week old mess in our hour. Luckily the kiddies wend down for naps and we went into super cleaning mode. Got things done and the showing was decent with five couples coming through. One with good interest. It's tough to have the house on the market but we are ready to move quickly at this point.
We went to our friends the Kroska's for dinner while the open house was on and enjoyed the company of our dear friends that we had not seen for a long time.
Sunday was a nice slow start with the kiddies. Dad was up early for a forty minute bike and 10 minute run before the kiddies woke up. Tried to get loose from the race yesterday morning. Good thing I did that early because the weather did nothing but get worse the rest of the day.
Breakfast and play time then off to Grandma and Grandpa's to put the dock and lift in for the boating season. Not a good day for that but we did not have much choice on that. We are so blessed to have great friends to help with big projects. Brad Bone, Mark Larson, Wendy and Creighton, Dad and I muscled things back into place. It is a great time to remember times with Adam and the sign of great day's and warm weather to come.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Good Morning

It's crunch time. So many things going on all ready we have resorted to early morning workouts starting this week. The house is for sale, fundraising is fun work this year and keeping proper balance with the most important things has made afternoon workouts impossible. Wed mornings are early bike days and Thurs mornings are early run days. Of course its not easy getting out of bed and hour and a half earlier but once I get into things outside it is so wonderful. Coming home on foot or on the bike with the sun coming up over the hill with the church steeple in the forefront is something that I will never tire of.
Get in Gear half marathon is in the morning Sat 4/25. The first of two halves I'm doing this year. This one will be a solid pace for me but not all out. Not enough training, not enough recovery time, it will be wiser to take this one a bit easier. It looks like cold and rain is on tap too so we will enjoy what we have and make the most of it.
Things with the house on the market are slow. We have other places that we can see ourselves in for great prices so we will most likely have to let go of our house for less to make that move.
The kiddies had a bit of a rough week with chest congestion. They were great all things considering but no fun to see your kids sick and wore out. Armand is into everything and is finding his voice more and more. Bijou continues to enjoy everything, what a princess.
Janet continues to be a fantastic mom and care taker of her hubbie. Her part time job has been crazy busy lately and she is enjoying the challenge lately. We hope to make the move to a lesser mortgage sooner than later so she can be home even more.

Make the most of today....If that gets by you there get after it tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So many things are going on right now it feels like the middle of summer. Great things but a lot of things.
The house is on the market now and for some reason I feel the need to do and change all the things that I have wanted to do for the past five years. I all most have all those things done and it feels great to get them done.
That of course is edging out some of my training time but not too much. We are past the base building mode and into the fun speed and endurance mode. Lots of challenging workouts that really feel great.
The weather has finally come around for me to get an outdoor bike in last Sunday. Man that was great. I may even dare to run in shorts this week if I can get out.
The kiddies are wonderful. Two certianly calls for all of your attention, but it is so much fun you don't mind all the things you can't get done any more. Bijou is becoming such a helper with Armand. He love the extra attention. Armand is a monster eater, not picky at all and it shows. He is nine months now and 2o pounds and 30 inches. My guess is that he will be walking before 11 months but we will see.
Mentally and spiritually I have been challenged with many things going on and am enjoying the challenge that each thing brings. I feel blessed with the experiences my life has brought me and continue to enjoy the grace and love that I so much do not deserve. Lately I have been focused on being thankful and positive. It is becoming very clear to me that God want's nothing less for us and when I really think about it I have nothing to complain about. I suppose I should act like it then. Joy is a wonderful thing.
Big fundraiser at our house this Sat. The second annual "triathlon of games" should be a fantastic time. My fundraising is a challenge this year so this should give us a little boost. If you can make it, bring $20 an be at our house no later than 6:30pm Sat night.

God Bless