Monday, May 25, 2009

Open Water

What an exciting day it was today. The first day of open water swimming. It was solo, yet so exciting because it was the first of the year. Not an easy swim. Memorial weekend was perfect for weather Fri, Sat, and Sun. Today there was a south wind on the river at mom and dads and that meant slow rolling white caps all day. I actually decided to swim up river with the waves so not to be battered by the waves. I figured it would take me a half hour to get to the high power lines that we swim down to so I set that as my goal. It took about half way for me to figure out my stride with the wet suit. A wet suit changes many things in your swim stroke and it takes time to adjust. It makes many things easier but it is completely different than lap swimming in a pool. I take open water any day over a pool.
The water temp was the warmest that I can remember on Memorial Day. That was good because before the swim I needed to make many adjustments to the boat lift in the water. So, I got the to high power lines and looked at my watch assuming that I would be close to my half hour goal and I was just shy of nineteen minuets. Wanting to call it "good enough" I resisted and decided to attempt swimming down into the waves back to home. I should not have to drink any water for the next couple of days. I have only swam in that bad of conditions once before during a race last year and I hope not to experience it again this season. I know I was the better for doing it but it's now 9pm and it is well past my bed time. I will sleep like a baby tonight.
This next week and a half will be the peak hours of my tri training this season. I hope schedules continue to work together so I can get the heavy stuff in.

God Bless and Good Luck!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


It's the same drum beat at the Prest house hold. Never a dull moment. Today (Sunday 5/17) was a recovery day from the Maple Grove half marathon yesterday. I ran a St. Patty's Day race this year that was warmer. Cold wind and 30's for morning temps. Not ideal race weather. No rain or snow though?! It will make average feel outstanding. Janet and I, Erek and Laura Swenson, Steve and Mindy Bursh, Reggie Swenson, Sean Pease all took part in this freeze fest of running and we all finished. The girls are a little achier than the rest of us due to a lack of time for training but they were determined to finish and that they did. Us guys all had good finishes keeping healthy and getting ready for more important races. I was able to turn in a similar time as last year and took home my third race day metal.
One more "tune up" race at Buffalo's Olympic tri (6/7) and we will be in the final stretch to the big Pacific Crest Half Iron in Oregon. My training has been better than expected this year. Things have been jiving will with schedules for me to get important workouts in. That and some really early morning runs and bikes when nothing else works. This year I have had so many reminders of why I choose to race. For those struggling with cancer. Neighbors, friends, and too many new acquaintances I have been in contact with that are fighting for everything moment on this earth. I know that any encouragement is good encouragement to them so I push on letting them know that every mile training and racing I am praying and racing on their behalf.

Janet, Bijou and Armand are such a huge inspiration for me while I train and race. I dwell on them often now that trainings last 1-2 hours or more at times. Thinking about Janet and the incredible job she dose with the kids. Keeping the house in order with me and two little ones is no easy task. All while working four days a week. She is amazing. Little Bijou and her sponge of a brain. Singing and talking up a storm. She takes such great care of her special animals and dolls. What an amazing creation she is. And fast, she is going to be something. My little boy Armand. He has dad's crazy brain. He notices everything, processes and wants to dig right in to everything. Scary! He is starting to see that he can play on Bijou now too. What a hoot to see them two go back and fourth. I remember having a bigger brother and that was one of my favorite things to do when I was board, bug Adam. To see the chemistry between our two brings back warm memories of days gone by. How it reminds me to be a strong, wise father for them to look up to. They are a gift entrusted to us with endless potential. I so desire for them to be inspired by life and all the Joy that is all around us.And to top all the events of the year was last weekends ceremony at Crown College to watch my little sister graduate. We are so proud of her and her amazing dedication to not only to finish but finish well. A student athlete is more that a full time job. Now we hear a lot of complaining about how she needs to adjust to the real world. Soon perspective should set in and she will appreciate this great time of life. Coming out of school is not the easiest thing these days with the job market but there is nothing new under this sun. It will be what we make of it. Good luck sis and great job we are so proud!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gods Work

A fitting title for a mothers day. I have been wanting to post so many things that I have experienced in the past two weeks. They will have to all roll into one.

The thing that has really stuck in my head lately is a couple that we did some work for last week. They are in the process of adopting their 9th child, each one being a special needs child. Their latest blessing will require 24hr nurse care and a more balanced home climate. What a gift they give, what a sacrifice their lives are. How is it that we define the word hero. In my book they are at the top of the list. Compare their sacrifice to mine and I have nothing to complain about....ever! The thing that really stuck with me was seeing a little shed in the back yard. I had to get something by it and happened to see what it was. The mom has all of her scrap booking stuff in the shed so she can make stuff for the kids to feel extra special. Their house is decorated with amazing pictures and things that she has made. On the door is a plaque that reads. "It is not about getting through the storm, Its learning to dance in the rain." Now that is perspective. That is living a Spirit Filled life. That is God's work lived through one persons life. What an inspiration.
Telling that story on this special mothers day 09 is fitting. It is because of a mothers love and personal sacrifice that gives us all so much joy. I have been so blessed to be raised by a loving self sacrificing mother and now to have married a beautiful woman that models the same love that Christ first gave us. What a blessing mom's are.