Tuesday, August 11, 2009


What a month. I just looked at the date on my last post (if you can call it that) ONE MONTH. If you were to measure time by the things you have done, that was the entire summer in one month.

I'll have to come back to much of it for details, but here are the bullet points.

> TNT Lifetime race week.

What and experience. Every TNT race is so fun and special in it's own way. The cause and the people make it that way. This race I was honored to be the speaker at the pre-race Pasta Party. Pasta parties are, in my opnion, just as exciting as the race. The message I has prepared was decent and then the night before, while I was going over things, I was inspired to go deeper. It is a special thing to be used to convay a message that God wants others to hear.
Race day was great! The team finished well. Everyone finished! My race was solid. I felt good on the swim, but lacked the ability to swim a strait line. The bike felt fast and powerful, but was not much different than last year. Happy for sure. The run gave me problems on the first lap around Lake Nicomas due to a painful stomach issue. Most likely due to consuming a expired Power Gu during the bike. Lesson learned. I was able to run through it and pick up the pace for the second lap. A super race none the less.
I did come close to placing third (by a long shot!) but fourth in the age group was a suprise and it would have been great to get TNT more attention by placing but the difference between 4th and 3rd was pretty huge. My favorite part of the day was jogging the run course in reverse after I finished to cheer on and encourage the rest of the team on the course. What and inspiration to see the determination and the effort put out by everyone. A proud moment to be part of something so much bigger than the race!

>Cornhole 09

What a blast to put on a party the day after Lifetime on Adams Birthday. Sunday July 12 was a day to remember Adam. Play, eat and reminice. A picture perfect day. No big fan fare, just a relaxing day with 70 friends and family doing what Adam loved.
Thank you all for being part of a special day and supporting our family through the years. Thank you also for helping me to reach my fundraising goal for this year with TNT. I was able to reach and exceed!....more to come on that.

>Canada Trip 09

The following Thursday from the Cornhole party Janet and I purchased a pop-up camper and headed to Canada for nine days. So many great memories made. We camped on night on the way up at Turtle Mountian Provential Forrest. Bijou and I swam in Adam Lake and Armand and I ran all the paved roads we could find.
The Fendelet family reunioun was next in Hafford Saskachuan. A super fun weekend meeting many new faces on Janet's dad's side of the family. 120 plus people in a small town makes for good times.
Next on the list was Prince Albert. Lots of time with Janet's sisters, Dad, Mom, and all the cousins. What a blessing it was to see the kids play together. Janet has three sisters and they each have two kiddies also. All close to the same age with exception to Rene who is 11 I think and one yet to be born but all the rest are close. What a blast. I was able to golf with the brother-in-laws once and got a couple of runs and bikes in myself but the best part for me was being with the kids for a whole week. Morining to night dad, mom and their kiddies for nine days. What a blessing that was. Makes one think about priorities. We are blessed.
It was fun to seen Janet spend quality time with her sister and her mom and dad. What a sacrifice she makes living here in Minnesota. What a blessing she is to so many.
Coming home was long but full of new family memories and lots of great experiences in our new pop-up camper.

>CBC Reunion

We were lucky to squeze in dinner with some college frineds from Covenant Bible College where Janet and I meet back in 1994. Faces we had not seen since then. What a blessing to reconnect with great people from such a life shaping time.

>Green Lake Tri 09

We started a new tradition with a new Tri race in Spicer MN last year with "Team Swenson"
It will most likely signal the end of the Tri season as it did last year and this year. Laura Swenson grew up close to the race start on Green Lake and her grandparents have a cabin on the lake so it makes for a wonderful time spent with the kiddies wives and us guys giving it one last hurrah as training leading up to the race is pretty much non existant. We all finished our seasons well this year giving it all we had. I had another good race this year. Struggling on the swim because I had not been in the water since the Lifetime race July 11, and really struggled on the run because I have been training for Twin Cities Marathon and so long miles and tired legs were not much good for a short six mile sprint. Not a complaint at though. I was able to place in my age group for the second year in a row placing 8th overall and 3rd in my age group.

>Another Race

As I had mentioned in the part about my fundraising during the Cornhole touranment. You all blessed me with enough to jump into another race. Crazy fool that I am. Lot's of thing inspired this one. Twin Cities is local. I am over half way to my fundraising goal, with another $800 to go (if you want to help me get there go to the link at the top of the page). We had wanted to do a TNT garage sale to help ration down our possessions anyways. So more to come on that fundraiser. I wanted to do a marathon this fall to re-qualify for Boston next April. I was able to qualify when I ran Pheonix with TNT in 08 but did not have the money to get out there the past two races. Now that Sun Country flys to Boston it is affortdable for Janet and I to make it a weekend out there.
So it is my goal to raise more money for a cause that I am passionate about. Qualify with a good race time and run Boston before I run out of gas and quit with all this training. You never know I may get sick of it?

So many pictures to share but my computer is having issues and I have not been able to link to add them for some reason.
So many thoughts to share along the way over the past month but they come and go ank there will be more to come in that department.