Thursday, February 4, 2010


This Saturday is the kickoff to a new summer season for TNT. This season will be fantastically fun. New coach, new people, fantastic life stories to be shared. I am really looking forward to having a frame work (schedule) to work around. Life has delivered us many changes in the past couple of months and I am excited about the future.

Understanding that you can only control what is in front of you I am eagerly awaiting new opportunities in the job market. I am one of the 1 in 10 americans in search of gainful employment. Here is what I am finding about myself in this process. First of all I am blessed beyond measure. We have all of life's basics in great measure. Shelter, food, health and at least one part time income. I am unbelievably blessed by my wonderful wife every day. She is an amazing support and through these challenging times we are finding new love and respect for one another. Marriage is just what many said it would be. You get out of it what you put into it. It has a lot of merit but beyond that our focus is what is key.

We spent years focusing solely on each other and often ended up frustrated with each other. Learning that we are first and foremost children of God and our focus needs to first be with Him, our lives together have been a blessing beyond words.

I think of the difficulties that we have shared and I am amazed that not only have we weathered the storms but we have grown closer together. I honestly don't believe that is anything short of God's amazing grace and His love for His children.

It has been a monumental change for me to not have a job to go to every morning. Not to have a house to come home to work on. No projects here or there. I of course have found things to do but I have also learned that projects cost money and we need to take a long break on our spending measures. That, and it is full on winter and you just can't do as much with the cold and snow. Being forced to like patience is a challenge. I will choose to like it. I will choose to make changes in the way I do things and think about things to have a more positive outcome. With my time, with my relationships. It has been a struggle. One that I am able to take on because I am not alone. I have the grace and love of my God and His Holy Spirit. I have the love of my wife our precious children and my family and friends.
So many thing to consider to find employment in this market. We will walk this path with a spirit of joy.