Sunday, February 13, 2011


Yesterday kicked off day one of training for the San Diego marathon. This year I am ahead of the curve slightly because I got out the running shoes about 6-8 weeks ago. This year is proving to be a year of new beginnings so far. I was blessed with full time employment at Turnkey Corrections last week and am really enjoying the challenges of learning a full spectrum of new things. It is a career that will take advantage of all my strengths and I am extremely excited and blessed. There will be many challenges with my training schedule as the office is in Hudson Wisconsin and we are still in Champlin.
I choose to simplify my race schedule as my new schedule will involve much travel and a ton of extra work learning my new position as an operations trainer for new installs. I can't thank all those that supported us over the past 14 months. It was a difficult challenge but I can say that we found blessing at every turn. Having to sell our house was difficult but we were blessed by being able to sell. We continue to be blessed by my parents as we are still living under their roof. There are many challenges to moving back home but I can say that the positives out weigh the negatives as we have had the opportunity to grow closer after loosing Adam and with Mom and Dad retiring at the end of the month from their business of 22 years.
I have learned much from my years of racing and training with TNT and one of the things that I am routinely reminded of is the choice we have to challenge ourselves and continue, or quit and loose the opportunity to learn and grow. That challenge has been so beneficial in the past year. So many things that happen in life don't come with answers and those things can sometimes paralyze our hope and joy. Life is so often about the simple things. Our expectations and business get in the way of understanding that blessing are all around us at every turn.
You and I have today....what a blessing! To me, waking up is a gift, what next! Be a blessing to someone else and see what happens next. Chances are you will be blessed beyond measure in return. If you don't see it keep looking, it's there at the end of every breath.
If you think you want a extra challenge this year, it is not too late to join me with Team in Training. Pick your sport. Marathon with me at San Diego or stay local for the Minneapolis marathon half or full. Join the Triathlon team for the Lifetime event or do a century bike ride around Lake Taho. Have an adventure of a lifetime with professional coaches while saving the life of someone else. They are the most flexible organization out there so give me or them a shout and check it out.