Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Time Machine

Have you ever held a thought in your mind and as you process the thoughts, you have a strong desire to record them. I experience this almost daily. Sometimes they are random thoughts born out of my life's experience but sometimes they are divine thoughts generated through my imperfect life. Almost always they come to me while I am running, biking or swimming. It is these divine moments that weigh on my conscience and it is about time that I start to reflect on them via this blog. So much time has gone by since I have posted in this blog that I wish I had a time machine. Not to go back and relive but to go back and record what God was doing in our lives specifically in those moments. Since 2009 I have experienced three different "career changes." None to performances issues which leaves me to ponder so many things. It is in these moments of pondering that I have grown much. I have kept up on my endurance life with mostly running and some swimming. The bike has become a expense that will not fit our current lifestyle. I am so thankful for the time to listen and process life's blessings and challenges. To sum up all the time gone by I will put it into one word...FAMILY. I am so blessed by my family. My beautiful wife that keeps me sharp and makes me go weak in the knees. My fantastic children so fun, sweet, crazy and wonderful in every way! My parents and extended family that support us in so many way both thick and thin. The extended family of God that supports us is overwhelming at times. Our friends that we share is a blessing beyond words. To sum up so many great experiences I have had over the months, I will share last night. We now live on a beautiful lot in the city of Buffalo MN. It is a full acre, complete with a hill, a shop, a garden, a canopy of mature trees, a creek that leads to the lake, a meadow with our "hiking/running" trail, a fire pit and a shed that houses Adams old Honda 3 wheeler. Last night we had Adison (Adam's son) and his little brother Rider for a sleepover. After another amazing dinner by Janet that the kids devoured (steak, rice, veggies) we went out for a 3 wheeler ride up and down the hill and around the meadow. Followed by a fire that we all built together. Janet set us up with smores as Armand told spooky stories. The key moment for me was watching Adison start to climb a pine tree that was not an easy climb. Immediately my mind went back to the days Adam and I climbed every tree within 2 blocks of our house in Maple Grove. There was no easy way of getting up to the first set of branches but he figured it out. After he settle in on the branches I joined him and was transported back to one of the strongest bonds I shared with my brother. We took our time looking at the different options to get higher and higher. With the strong request of Janet we began our decent, helping each other find the best way down. What a blessed moment with my kids running wild in the yard and Adison and I doing what his dad and I did every moment we could when we were kids. After more running around the yard and putting away the 3 wheeler we went in for movie night where the kids were going to camp out. This life can sure be messy but this is our life and it is our is beautiful. God has walked with us in the mess and in the moments that shine! That is his promise to all of us as we navigate our time here in this place.

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